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Massachusetts Regulates Outdoor Wood Boilers

If you live in the State of Massachusetts and you were looking to buy a traditional (low efficiency) wood boiler, you are now out of luck.

As of December 26th, residents may only purchase EPA Phase 2 qualified wood boilers (like the Greenwood Aspen Series). The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) issued the regulation to protect air quality in neighborhoods across the Commonwealth by limiting the amount of pollution emitted by outdoor wood-fired boilers, also known as outdoor hydronic heaters.

To read the announcement click here. To review the regulation go here.

Vermont Outdoor Wood Boiler Event

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Vermont have been leading the charge to reduce the emissions on outdoor wood boilers, so it makes good sense that they chose Waterbury, VT to announce the EPA Phase II voluntary program. We were on the grounds of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation with a number of other manufacturers (including Hardy and Northwest Manufacturing) to support the EPA announcement on cleaner outdoor wood heaters.

Phil Etter (VT  DEC)

Phil Etter (VT DEC)

We were able to chat with many of the people responsible for the program including Phil Etter (VTDEC) and Gil Wood (EPA).
Our local dealer (Johnson Hardware) did a yeoman’s job getting a unit up and running so we could demonstrate the operation and performance to government officials. There is nothing like opening up the secondary firebox door and watching the wood gasification process taking place in the Greenwood Carbon Reactor to leave an impression.
Gil Wood (EPA)

Gil Wood (EPA)

There was also a lot of press at the event – take a listen to what Vermont Public Radio has to say about the event.

Greenwood in the News

Greenwood in the News

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