Greenwood Clean Energy Promotes Clean Wood Heating During National Bioenergy Day

Local company entertains students and open house visitors using captivating demonstrations to educate and promote modern, wood-fired heating with highlights on international trends. Today’s open house showcased Greenwood’s ground-breaking residential wood boiler, the Greenwood® Frontier CX and shed insight on the use of wood as a renewable resource.

REDMOND, Wash. (October 18, 2017) – With the recent increase of wildfires, Greenwood Clean Energy opened the doors of its Development and Innovation Center in Redmond, WA today for the 2017 National Bioenergy Day. The company welcomed local students and visitors with captivating demonstrations that revealed the mystery of clean wood combustion and sustainable forestry. Visitors viewed product demonstrations and learned about current bioenergy trends in the US and Europe.

Greenwood’s educational event was one of more than 60 locations that participated in this international event to raise awareness about the positive impact of bioenergy. National Bioenergy Day participants represent all types of bioenergy – power, thermal and fuels – and a broad base of advocates that include businesses, state and local governments and universities.

“Restoring healthy, resilient forests depends on strong forest products markets that include wood energy,” said U. S. Forest Service Chief Tony Tooke. “Thinning overcrowded forests, removing dead trees and using these fuels, as well as small, woody materials that burn easily, helps reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfire and fosters healthier forests.”

Bioenergy refers to energy – often space heat or electricity – that is produced from wood and other organic materials. in the United States, approximately 23% of all renewable energy consumed was from wood (EIA, 2013) – more than wind and solar combined and second only to hydroelectric energy. In Europe, adoption of bioenergy far outpaces the U.S. with 11% of all energy coming from biomass and countries like Sweden generating 36% of all energy from biomass fuels. A major reason behind this success story on bioenergy is taxation and broad political support.

Based in Redmond, Washington, Greenwood Clean Energy manufactures next generation wood boilers and wood furnaces for residential space and water heating applications. Greenwood appliances are available through installers throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Please visit: or call (888) 788-3090.

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