How Can Wood Fired Central Heating Help Your Home In Winter?

wood fired central heating

Staying cozy and warm during winter is always a priority, especially with harsh downpours and unpredictable sprinkles of snow on the weather forecast. In order to prepare for this, having wood fired central heating can actually benefit your home in many ways come winter season. Standard boilers can often be unreliable, and can lead to you needing to purchase services from the best damp repairs London can offer. With wood fired central heating, however, you will no longer need the hassle, and here’s why.

Wood Fired Central Heating Is Cheaper To Run

The most obvious point about converting to wood heating is the fact that it will massively reduce your gas bills this winter, with some people saving over £200 on their gas bills. Controlling the activity of a wood fired boiler, like the Greenwood Frontier CX is simple, as it can be controlled from the thermostat in the house. A lot of people are catching on to this saving, with sales figures for wood burning stoves increasing to approximately 35 percent. Using wood as fuel is much cheaper than using oil and gas to heat up your home, and the installation itself doesn’t cost too much depending on the model that you purchase. Having said that, the most expensive aspect of owning wood fired central heating is the installation. Through the domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) program, homeowners can more than offset the cost of the installation AND the wood boiler.

It Keeps Your House Heated Without Effort

The great thing about wood fired central heating is the amount of heat that they provide your home with even when you’re no longer providing it with fuel. You don’t actually need to keep them active forever, allowing you to preserve your wood supply and save more money. Therefore, after throwing a few logs of wood in the boiler, you can stop and continue to feel your house maintain the warmth through the walls. If heating your house for the evening, you don’t need to worry about providing it with extra fuel, as several pieces of wood throughout the day should be plenty.

Allows You to Enjoy More Spare Time

Whilst a fireplace or wood stove seems nice, they need a lot more maintenance than a wood fired boiler. For example, it’s important to keep a wood stove constantly clean, and a lot of people do not have the time or effort to babysit this type of heating system. Since you only need to place a couple of pieces of wood on a wood fired boiler, you can happily leave the wood burning without needing to frequently top it up. Therefore, rather than spending your spare time tirelessly scrubbing and cleaning, you can happily allow your wood fired central heating to warm up your home without any hassle.

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