"The Greenwood is great. It's amazing!
We've never been so warm!"


“Now I can keep the thermostat above 70 and not feel guilty! An entire home can be heated all day long with just two logs!”

Tammy D., Bainbridge Island, Washington

“It will pay for itself in less than three years!”

Ed W., Duvall, Washington

“I love my Greenwood … everything has been engineered so simple.”

David G., Pawcatuck, Connecticut

“I load once in the morning and once at night…that’s plenty. And I can do it in my slippers if I want to.”

Ken D., South Haven, Michigan

“The Greenwood is great. It’s amazing! We’ve never been so warm”

Julie E., Keeseville, New York

“Greenwood is a major improvement over an outdoor wood boiler”

Tom L., Ashfield, Massachusetts

“With the Greenwood we are warm. It just purrs along!”

David W., Denton, Maryland

“My family loves our Greenwood. It provides all the warmth, without a lot of bother.”

Joe S., Winchester, Virginia

“My neighbors know that I burn wood, but the Greenwood burns so clean that smoke has never been an issue.”

Brad L., Manitoba, Canada