Market Trends

Renewable Energy Takes the Lead in Europe

This week our attention is drawn to a remarkable increase in the use of renewable energy in Europe. Recent reports indicate that Germany,  had impressive growth in renewables through the first half of 2014. Germany is relying more on renewables – wind, solar, hydro and biomass – with an extraordinary 28.5% of its energy coming entirely […]

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Join Greenwood for National Bioenergy Day!

SAVE THE DATE – OCTOBER 22nd 2014 On Wednesday October 22nd 2014, join the Greenwood team as we partner with Biomass Magazine, BTEC, ACORE, US Forest Service, Pellet Fuels Institute, Plum Creek, Forest Landowners and the Biomass Power Association, to present National Bioenergy Day. We will be holding open houses and technology demonstrations at two […]

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Will Old Man Winter Make a Return this Winter?

Over the past year we have seen an incredible warm spell – during both the winter and summer months. So, I bet you are asking yourself, what do we have in store this coming winter? Well, to help answer that question, Caleb Weatherbee, the venerable forecaster for the Farmers’ Almanac, recently released his winter outlook. […]

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The new oil? There is gold in the forest.

Yes, you read the headline correctly, some are predicting that wood fuel is ready to make a big move similar to oil’s rise from $20 to $150 a barrel. According to the Globe and Mail, there are lots of reasons to be bullish, some more obvious than others: Demand is up in China, which recently […]

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