Easier to Install

The Greenwood Frontier was designed with the installer in mind. We have taken the complexity out of installing today’s high-efficiency wood boilers.

A Greenwood appliance takes 1/3rd of the time to install compared to competing systems.

Less work.  More jobs.  More profits.  Greenwood.


Predictable Revenue

The Greenwood Frontier is the easiest biomass boiler available to install and maintain. Greenwood’s clean-burning CrossFire™ technology eliminates creosote, making annual servicing a simple and predictable income stream.

Predictable.  Profitable.  Greenwood.


Greater Profit

Unlock the door to higher profit for your plumbing, hearth and HVAC business with the Greenwood Frontier.

Greenwood’s are easier to install, simpler to maintain and put more profits in your pocket.

Contact us today and start earning more.


Made in the USA

All Greenwood appliances were designed and made in beautiful Washington State. Greenwood’s embody the best of American ingenuity, giving customers the quality they want and the value they need.

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For Professionals: Frequently Asked Questions

Our most successful installer partners become passionate about renewable energy and wood heating in particular. They may not start with this goal in mind, but through training and more exposure to the world of solid-fuel heating, they recognize the positive impact it could have on their business and in the lives of their customers.

Secondly, while our training and certification programs can teach you about the differences between a Greenwood Frontier and a fossil fuel appliance, we do require some basic understanding of hydronics. We have found that installers that have some level of hydronic heating expertise and exposure are able to ramp their business more quickly and have higher customer (and personal) satisfaction with their Greenwood-related business.

If you don’t have this background, we can recommend a number of educational courses or you will want to partner with someone who does have this experience.

The Frontier Series redefines what can be expected from a wood boiler. Our patented Crossfire Combustion System makes a Greenwood unlike any other wood boiler. Our boilers are clean from start to finish across a variety of operating scenarios and fuel quality and size.

The first time you open the load door, you’ll know you are seeing the future of wood fired central heating. You’ll hear terms to describe this phenomenon that include the eGlow Experience or American Gasification. But let’s be honest, words do not do it justice. Instead, visit our video archive to see for yourself or request a private seminar that goes into more detail on this revolutionary technology.

Becoming a Greenwood Certified Installer is not a significant monetary investment (although there are small fees to support the certification program) it is rather a commitment of time. The average professional contractor will spend about 10 hours going through the initial certification and training program. This estimate does NOT include time for the initial certifying installation.

Our second best skill, after making the industry’s most advanced wood gasification boiler, is to support our installers in their efforts to establish themselves as a leading authority in wood gasification. Our national advertising and public relations drive qualified leads. By qualified lead, we are referring to a homeowner who:

• is familiar with how the system works,
• understands what it is like to operate, and
• has completed a portion of a home site survey.

Some of our partners look to market in their area. In this situation, we have developed a marketing toolkit that helps kickstart local efforts. If you are interested, one of our support team members will work with you on developing a powerful yet affordable marketing plan. And yes, we might even send someone out to help you with your largest show of the year!

As you maintain a minimum level of customer satisfaction and installation quality, we will not actively look or place a competing installer in your area. Our interest is in supporting a high-quality installer who creates a satisfied customer. With that said, some markets can support more than one installer. If this is a concern, feel free to discuss this with our support team.

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