Greenwood Frontier Series Videos

Seeing is believing. After seeing a Greenwood in operation, people walk away amazed out how clean burning the unit operates — no smoke, little ash, and a clean firebox.

The Greenwood Frontier Series have been described as the reinvention of the wood boiler. Take a look at the videos below and you can make your own decision.

Greenwood Featured on Seattle/Tacoma Television

Pierce County Television provides a short overview of the Greenwood Frontier CX.

Shocking Video from Greenwood's New Year's Eve

Unusual things often happen on New Year's Eve. However, we were were astounded by the video from the Greenwood Lab this past New Year's Eve.

Other Greenwood Videos

The Greenwood name has always meant clean, efficient wood-fired central heat. Here are some other short Greenwood videos.

A short demonstration of Greenwood CrossFire Combustion sytem in action :: Note the clean, glowing firebox.

Greenwood Frontier CX in Operation :: Note the large, unsplit log wood fuel used.

Greenwood Executive Discussing High Efficiency Wood Boilers
AVI Format (5.9 MB; 5:14)

Greenwood on HGTV's "Hot Grill's & Cool Patios"
Windows Media Format (32MB; 2:54)