Frontier Series Wood Boiler

The Reinvention of the Wood Boiler

The all-new Greenwood Frontier Series is the most capable wood boiler ever. Not only does it deliver best-in-class performance, each Frontier Series comes packed with features you won't find on any other wood boiler on the market:

  • For greater performance and fuel flexibility, there is the CrossFire Combustion™ System.
  • The built-in Load Conditioner, removes the complexity of connecting the boiler with the existing heating system while shielding the boiler from the home's hydronic setup, ensuring years of optimal performance.
  • The Greenwood® Boiler Management System keeps the appliance operating at peak performance, even during the low-demand days of the spring and fall, and provides unparalleled insight for your service technician.
  • Engaging SmokeGuard™ and opening the load door imparts a sense of quality and satisfaction unmatched by any other wood boiler.

You asked us to reinvent the wood boiler – we bring you the Frontier Series – you won’t look at other wood boilers the same again.

But don't take our word for it, watch a short video of one in operation and then talk to your local Authorized Greenwood dealer and set up an appointment to see one in person.

Each Frontier Series Wood Gasification Boiler delivers:

Breakthrough Performance. The Greenwood Frontier Series redefines the meaning of high-efficiency heating – converting up to 89% of the energy in wood fuel to usable heat in your home.

Energy Savings. Take control of your heating bill and save up to 70 percent on your heating costs.

eGlow™ Experience. Open the door of a Greenwood® and witness the radiant transformation of wood to pure energy – an experience so mesmerizing; we had to give it a name.

Less Work. Designed with you in mind, there is no need to split wood; high temperatures in the firebox eliminate build-up and reduce ash to amounts that require attention just once a month.

Low Emissions. The Greenwood Frontier Series meets EPA Phase 2 emission standards, the benchmark for modern, clean burning boilers now being adopted across North America.

Certified Safety. Each wood furnace meets strict UL and CSA standards for indoor operation, much like your existing hot water heater.

What to Expect with Your Frontier Series

The Greenwood® Frontier Series is a modern, wood gasification boiler that burns fuel so completely it leaves almost no smoke, creosote or ash. When installed in a radiant, baseboard or forced-air heating system, the boiler can reduce heating bills by more than 70%. Each boiler provides:

Cross Fire Combustion Overfire Air Ports
Breakthrough Performance
Greenwood’s CrossFire Combustion™ System delivers impressive low-demand performance, modulates output to meet demand, encourages flexible fuel use and so much more, all while delivering clean, efficient heat.

Safe and Serviceable
Each Greenwood Frontier Series brings the collective experiences of 100’s of dealers with 1000’s of installations. They asked for a safe, simple, serviceable wood boiler in a high-quality American made appliance. The Frontier delivers.

Frontier Wood Boiler ControllerSmart & Intelligent
The all-new Greenwood® Boiler Management System is an intelligent and adaptive controller that continuously optimizes boiler performance and provides our Authorized Dealers unparalleled insight and access for installation and service.

Frontier Wood Boiler DoorQuality
Your first glance tells you that this appliance was built to last. From SmokeGuard™ to the eGlow™ Experience to the high-quality craftsmanship in every U.S. built unit, you are going to be thrilled that you purchased a Frontier Series.

We invite you to your own private introduction to the revolutionary Greenwood Frontier Series wood boiler. Please sign-up for a free online webinar or contact your contact your local installer to schedule your introduction.