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Aspen Series Outdoor Wood Furnace

The Aspen Series outdoor wood furnace is designed to replace often-banned, low-efficiency outdoor wood boilers. When this high-efficiency unit is combined with a radiant, baseboard, forced-air or other space-heating heating system, it can reduce heating bills by 70%.

Each Greenwood Aspen Series Outdoor Wood Furnace is:

Clean. The Aspen Series operates cleanly burn wood completely, leaving virtually no particles to create smoke or ash.

Efficient. In side-by-side tests, the Aspen Series uses 50% less wood than a traditional outdoor wood furnace while producing the same amount of heat.

Economical. Reduces your overall heating costs – saving up to 70% of your heating bill.

Certified Safe. Meets strict UL and CSA standards for safe operation.

Low Maintenance. Aspen Series models do not need to be cleaned as often as wood stoves or inefficient outdoor furnaces.

Simple. The design removes known failure points that are part of all dual-fuel systems and is designed for easy maintenance.

EPA Qualified. The Aspen Series exceeds new strict emission limits for sale in areas where traditional outdoor wood boilers have come under strict regulation.