Operating Your System

As a solid fuel device where the operator is an integral part of operating the system, good technique and safety are important. Please consult your Greenwood dealer and the Greenwood Owner's Manual for more information. One may also consult the following resources for additional information:

  1. Chimney Safety Institute of America at www.csia.org.
  2. Hearth, Patio and Barbeque Association at www.hpba.org.
  3. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publication, "Using Coal and Wood Furnaces Safely" NFPA No. HS-10-1978. The address of the NFPA: Battery March Park, Quincy, MA 02269

The following are some safety tips for operating your Frontier Series wood furnace or wood boiler. The Denali Series is a fully automated pellet boiler which controls the feeding of the boiler for optimized burn and improved maintenance.

  1. Use kindling, paper and smaller split wood when cold-starting the Frontier Series wood furnace. See the manual for more detailed instructions for both the Frontier and Denali Series furnaces.
  2. Only burn manufacturer approved fuels.
  3. DO NOT use chemicals, gasoline, lantern fuel, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid or other flammable liquids to start or "freshen up" the fire.
  4. DO NOT BURN coal or anything other than whole wood for the Frontier Series or pellets for the Denali Series furnace.
  5. BE CAREFUL when working around an open firebox door. As with any solid fueled device, such as the Frontier Series, gasses formed during combustion may cause a small explosion when the furnace is refueled. Open the door slowly and keep your face and body well away from the door until it is completely open.
  6. DO NOT jockey wood into the firebox that is longer than the width of the Frontier Series firebox door. The firebox door surfaces are extremely hot and you risk severe burns.
  7. DO NOT throw logs into the Frontier Series firebox. Though the refractory is very strong and durable, a thrown log may crack it. A thrown log may also stir up ash and cinders that can fly back out the door.
  8. DO NOT overfill the firebox. Consult the manual for proper loading technique.
  9. Keep the firebox door closed except when tending the fire.
  10. Keep the furnace area clear of combustible materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapors or liquids.
  11. DO NOT store wood within the appliance installation clearances or within the space required for fueling, ash removal, and other routine maintenance operations.
  12. DO NOT allow anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is unfamiliar with the correct operation of the furnace to add fuel or otherwise use this furnace.
  13. DO NOT let children play around the furnace. To avoid burns or other injury, alert all persons to the hazards of hot furnace surfaces.

Please consult your owner's manual for more details.