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Useful Tools and Do-It-Yourself Information

Guide to Residential Wood Heating

A very informative publication produced by Natural Resources Canada (63 page, view online or download it as a PDF). While you are on this site, take time to look around. This organization has done an incredible job of researching and publishing papers on a wide variety of bioenergy topics.

Discover the Benefits of Residential Wood Heating

Another useful publication from Natural Resources Canada. (15 pages, PDF)

Comparing Annual Heating Costs

The definitive study by Natural Resources Canada. See Chapter 3 "Comparing Annual Heating Costs" on page 34 provides the useful guide for comparing the cost of heating with wood against other fuels.

A great resource if you are planning and sizing a new heating system. A tutorial and calculator will help you compute your home's heat loss or gain.

A dealer site sponsored that contains useful information, tools and tips covering a wide range of home HVAC topics.

A community website with lots of articles and useful information on everything from how to buy wood to how to start a fire.

A site that bills itself as the "Homeowner's Guide to Firewood." Lot's of interesting information including up-to-the-minute prices on firewood for each region.

Water Heaters or Boilers

A white paper by Master Plumber David Yates. A good overview of the issues to consider when planning a hydronic radiant heating system.

Everything you wanted to know about designing, installing and maintaining a chimney.

Tom, Rich and Norm have gone "way commercial," but this site still contains lots of useful articles and other information.

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