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Burning Issues

Clean Air Revival, Inc. provides public education about the medical hazards of exposure to wood smoke and other fine particulate pollution. Smoke from residential burning of wood and coal, wood burning restaurants and outdoor burning of wood, leaves, crops, tires and debris is permeating our neighborhoods, resulting in high ground-level concentrations of toxic air pollution. Clean Air Revival, Inc. is a non-profit 501 c3 volunteer organization dedicated to research and education on particulate aerosol pollution and its deadly effects on living things. We advocate life-long good health by breathing clean air and planned avoidance of smoke creation.

Mass Clean Air

Many people burn wood in New England because it reduces our dependence on oil and gas, saves money, is a renewable resource, and is aesthetically pleasing. All of us need clean air to breath. The unintended consequence of wood burning is wood smoke pollution. Much research has been done on the effects of particulate air pollution (soot). In many communities, the vast majority of this type of pollution comes from local sources, including residential wood heating and trash incineration. Mass Clean Air is an ad hoc committee created to provide information to Massachusetts residents who are concerned about wood smoke exposures, as well as for those who use wood for heating and would like information about its health and environmental effects.

Mother Earth News Forum

A message board focused on wood heating. A good place to read commentary on the use of wood for heating and performance of various products on the market.

Yahoo Groups: Wood Heat

This mailing list is for those who heat with wood or are interested in learning more about efficient, clean wood heating. We cover all aspects of home heating with wood - environmental, equipment, joys, problems, safety, performance, techniques, firewood production, and encourage lively discussions which can help us all. The list is a part of "The Wood Heat Organization" ( a non profit group dedicated to assisting public awareness and improvement in renewable, responsible home heating with wood.

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