An End to High Heating Bills for a Home in South Haven, Michigan


Customer Profile
3,500 sq ft house plus 1,600 sq ft barn
South Haven, MI USA
20s °F avg. winter temperature

Before Greenwood:
$500/month natural gas bill; thermostat always low; had to be cautious with hot water use

After Greenwood:
$30/month natural gas bill; complete warmth and freedom to turn up the thermostat

Greenwood Installation
In-house (back room)
Integrated with existing forced air in the home and new radiant in-floor in the barn
Greenwood Model 200

Why Ken D. Loves His Greenwood Furnace:
94% lower heating costs
Heating capacity for both house and barn
Quality craftsmanship
Stoking in my slippers

The decisive moment for Ken D. of South Haven, MI came when he opened the letter from his gas utility and saw the announcement of a 70% rate increase. Even at current rates he was having a hard time justifying the $500 per month he spent on natural gas to heat his home.

During his search for a cost effective heating alternative, Ken discovered Greenwood high efficiency, clean burning wood boilers. He now heats both his 3,500 square foot house and 1,600 square foot pole barn with a Greenwood Model 200.

"I load once in the morning and once at night...that's plenty. And I can do it in my slippers if I want to."

He installed his Greenwood furnace in a back room of his house. "I don't have to go outside to load it. I load it once in the morning and once at night—that's plenty. And I can do it in my slippers."

Ken was particularly interested in the Greenwood because it can be connected to any home heating system. This flexibility enabled Ken to integrate his Greenwood furnace with his existing forced air heating system in his home and a new radiant in-floor heating system for his pole barn. Ken says, "The Greenwood Model 200 puts out plenty of heat for all my needs."

As a tool and die maker, Ken appreciates the craftsmanship of the unit. "I did my research. The Greenwood is well built; it's what I would recommend to all my friends."

As for his heating bills? Ken couldn't be happier, "I can be completely off gas if I want to be. My heating expense went from $500 a month to $30 a month."