Home Energy Use

It’s THAT time. AGAIN.

You hear that? ‘Tis the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces at the thought of the summer of 2014 drawing to a close. The warm embrace of the summer wind that would wrap itself around me when I stepped outside, will soon be replaced by the icy winds of Jack Frost. I […]

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Getting the Most from the Energy Used in Your Home

As winter approaches, you are likely thinking about ways to trim your utility bill. You may want to think about conducting a home energy audit that will pinpoint areas in your home where you may not be aware that you are wasting energy. Most people are surprised by some of the findings and for others […]

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Understanding Your Personal Energy Use

National Geographic has built a pretty interesting online resource for looking at your personal energy consumption compared to your friends and neighbors. The tools are all part of The Great Energy Challenge designed to help you understand your current energy situation. The tools range from easy-to-digest mini-calculators to the more comprehensive personal energy meter. I […]

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Let’s Talk Home Energy

Have you ever wondered what uses more energy in your home — heating, cooling, lighting, or powering electronics like TVs, computers, and refrigerators? No surprise it is heating. I bet you are not too surprised, after all, Greenwood is a renewable heating company. However, what may surprise you is to what extent it outpaces other […]

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