energy audit

Finding and Repairing Home Air Leaks

Over  the past winter, you likely noticed that there were some spots in your house that were a bit cooler than you would have liked. These drafts are often most noticeable around windows and doors, but don’t think these are your major sources of wasted heat and energy. Rather, in most homes, the most significant […]

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Getting the Most from the Energy Used in Your Home

As winter approaches, you are likely thinking about ways to trim your utility bill. You may want to think about conducting a home energy audit that will pinpoint areas in your home where you may not be aware that you are wasting energy. Most people are surprised by some of the findings and for others […]

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Home Energy Audits

If you have been doing some research on how to make your home more energy efficient, you have undoubtedly come across articles that recommend you perform an home energy audit. If your like me, you read these and ask myself — so what? Well, I finally came across an article that provides some true insight into the options and what to […]

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