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Features of the Signature Frontier Series Indoor Wood Boiler

Greenwood Clean Energy’s flagship product, the Frontier Series Indoor Wood Boiler, is a breakthrough solution to an age-old problem: how can we solve home energy problems in a cost-effective, responsible manner? Whereas traditional wood boilers and furnaces are known for harmful and unpleasant smoke, Greenwood® Frontier Series Wood Boilers burn virtually clean and can reach […]

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How will the BTU Act Impact Homeowners?

Families across the U.S. still rely heavily on fossil fuels to heat their homes during the winter months. These fuels include propane, heating oil and natural gas, according to Renewable Energy World. Some families rely on electricity-powered heaters, which are more efficient than fossil fuels. Still, when a region experiences days of extreme cold, these […]

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Carbon Monoxide: The Invisible Killer

As we close our doors and windows for the winter, Greenwood Clean Energy would like to remind you to remember to change your carbon monoxide (CO) alarm’s batteries. If you do not own one –  now is the time. Carbon monoxide is an invisible killer. It is an odorless, poisonous gas and you can’t see […]

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Renewable Energy Takes the Lead in Europe

This week our attention is drawn to a remarkable increase in the use of renewable energy in Europe. Recent reports indicate that Germany,  had impressive growth in renewables through the first half of 2014. Germany is relying more on renewables – wind, solar, hydro and biomass – with an extraordinary 28.5% of its energy coming entirely […]

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5 Reasons to Buy a Greenwood Boiler

Thinking of switching your heating system to a different, more eco-friendly solution? We’re recognized as the leader in renewable heating appliances, and here are five reasons why a Greenwood boiler might be right for you and your home: Save Money If we said you could save 70% on your heating bills, would that be enough […]

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