10 Easy Ways to Cut Your Energy Use in Half

Green America recently published a list of ten ways that a homeowner can reduce their energy use by 50% (and thereby also cut their energy bill as well). The list includes some obvious choices — turn off your lights, wash your clothes with cold water and using a programmable thermostat.

Click Here to See Green America's List for Cutting Home Energy Use

What makes the list more interesting is that also includes “the easy” fixes, but also more “advanced” fixes for those that want to really attack their energy use. Unlike other lists of this type, the Green America list also provides a sense of how much energy you will be saving by making the recommended improvements.

One that stood out for me was. “Install Ceiling Fans” — I would not have imagined that running a fan would save 19% of my home energy use. Thinking about it more, it does make sense, but I had not connected the dots.

Take a look at the poster that summarizes the list and see if you are also surprised by what small changes can do for your pocket book.

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