Selecting the Right System

How the system delivers heat

A Greenwood system heats your home by providing a steady flow of high-temperature fluid. The heating can be integrated with an existing system such as:

  • Forced air heating,
  • Domestic hot water,
  • Hot water boilers,
  • Base board or free standing hot water radiators,
  • In-floor radiant heating,
  • Swimming pool or spa, and
  • Snow melt

Your Greenwood appliance is run from the existing thermostat in your home or through an existing temperature control unit on the heating system. During operation, the Greenwood provides the required heat and when you are out of town for a period of time, the existing heating system acts as a back-up.

Determining the correct size unit

Calculating the heat load, or how much heat your home or situation requires, is an important step in selecting the correct pellet or wood boiler model. Your Greenwood dealer will consider many factors when calculating the heat load of your home. These include:

  1. Square footage of your home
  2. Quality of insulation
  3. Number and quality of windows
  4. Exposure (e.g. wind, solar, etc)
  5. Hot water consumption and schedule
  6. Delivery method into the home (e.g. forced air, radiant, etc.)
  7. Etc.

Choosing the Right Residential Greenwood Appliance

Choosing the Right Greenwood Frontier Series Denali Series
Installation Location
    Indoor Installation
  • Fuel Type
        Log Wood ( > 8" diameter)
  •     Small, Split or Scrap Wood
  •     Wood Pellets
  • Size
        < 2000 sq. ft. homes
  •     > 2000 sq. ft. homes