Maintaining Your System

Any solid fueled devices rely on an imperfect fuel source like wood or pellets, so they require and occasional "tune up" to improve their performance. Regular preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. It also keeps your system running at optimal efficiency, which helps minimize the amount of fuel consumed. But just as important, preventative system maintenance gives you peace of mind.

Pre-season maintenance checks and cleaning can help you avoid a system failure on the coldest day of the year. It can also help you avoid a frantic late night call to your dealer for a costly repair. Part of your Greenwood dealer's commitment to you is to ensure the proper care and operation of your pellet or wood boiler and is often done with an annual maintenance or service agreement.

Periodic Maintenance

  • Wood boilers require removal of ash on a regular basis. When operated correctly, Greenwood Frontier Series systems will require ash removal as often as every several weeks up to once a month. Consult the owner's manual for more details. The Denali Series pellet boiler has automated removal of ash, minimizing periodic maintenance.

Annual Maintenance Overview

  • Have your Authorized Dealer perform full-system maintenance at least once a year, before the heating season.
  • All wood heating appliance installations should have an annual chimney inspection. Follow recommendations of chimney sweep for cleaning.


There are a number of steps an operator can take prior to contacting the dealer for assistance. The following is short checklist to follow if the system is not heating properly.

  • Check the firebox or pellet bin to see if there is adequate fuel.
  • Check the boiler circulation pump. If it is not running, it may require repair or replacement.
  • Check heat transfer fluid level. If the level is low, inspect the piping for leaks and refill as directed per the owner's manual.
  • Check the flue to see if there are any blockages.
  • Check the induction blowers, dampers and motor for proper operation.

Greenwood owners should login at the customer portal at This portal may provide the needed information to address your question, or prepare you for your conversation with your dealer.

When to Call Your Dealer

It is critical that Greenwood products and replacement parts be installed and serviced by licensed, qualified Greenwood dealers who have access to product data, service updates and training. As a manufacturer, we feel that it is in both our customers' and our best interest to ensure that our product delivers the quality, durability, and comfort we advertise and you expect. Please contact your local Greenwood dealer for assistance.

To facilitate the conversation with your Greenwood dealer, please collect details of your Greenwood system, including: serial number, installation date, installation address, and details of the situation including pictures and/or sketches.

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If you purchased your unit directly from Greenwood, support will require a completed warranty registration card and a completed Service Request Form.