Denali Series Pellet Boiler

Greenwood pellet boilers are the latest in clean burning, high efficiency, fully automated pellet boilers. When combined with a radiant or forced-air heating system, they can reduce winter heating bills by up to 50%. Providing the ultimate in convenience, the Greenwood Denali wood pellet boiler provides the convenience of conventional fuels with the cost and environmental benefits of clean, efficient wood heat.

Each Denali Series Indoor Pellet Boiler offers:

Fully Automated. Pellets are fed into the boiler and ash is removed through automated processes.

Fuel Flexible. Burns various pelletized fuel, including wood pellets, agro-pellets, and grains.1

Easy to Use. Electronic controls optimize the burn process and improve maintenance.

Clean. Denali Series is EPA Phase 2 qualified and is eligible for for the 2010 energy tax credit.

Certified Safe. As safe to operate as a home hot water heater. Greenwood furnaces meet strict UL and CSA standards for indoor operation.

Latest Technology. The Denali Series is fully modulating boiler, reducing the need for large storage tanks and expensive installations.

1 Grains require a case-by-case review and testing to ensure proper operation.