CrossFire™ Combustion System

  1. UNDER-FIRE ZONE: Under-fire air from the pinhole grate drives the rate of pyrolysis.
  2. COMBUSTION ZONE: 750 lbs of refractory reflect energy back into combustion chamber maintaining temperatures >1400° F.
  3. CROSSFIRE ZONE: Over-fire air is added following the separation of gases from the wood pile.
  4. BURN-OUT ZONE: Combustion is completed in the burn-out zone where gas temperatures reach 2000° F.
  5. HEAT EXCHANGE ZONE: Heat is transferred to the water-tube heat exchanger in an isolated chamber. This is the only area where heat is transferred to water.
  6. EXHAUST ZONE: Exhaust gases leave the boiler at temperatures of 250 - 450° F depending on firing rate.