A Better Way: Staying Warm and Saving Money in Pawcatuck, Connecticut

David G., his wife and two sons live in a 3,000 sq. ft home in Pawcatuk, CT. A wood stove in the family kitchen helped offset part of the annual heating expense, but the family still faced annual $3,000 bills to fuel their oil furnace. The daily cleanup of wood debris and ash tracked across the kitchen floor was also wearing on David's wife.

"There must be a better way," David found himself thinking. He wished he could combine the cost savings of wood heating with the convenience of central heating provided by his oil boiler. He found his solution in a Greenwood Model 100, high efficiency, clean burning, wood boiler. The Greenwood Model 100 is now installed in the family's basement. Heat is pumped throughout the house through radiant in-floor heating, providing all the heat the family needs.

David is proud that he found a way to combine the cost savings of wood with the convenience of central heating. His wife enjoys the consistent warmth throughout the house and the option to turn up the thermostat without having to worry about fuel bills.

Best of all, David and his family have reduced their oil usage by 77%, to less than $700 a year. "I love my Greenwood. The customer service has been superb. Everything has been engineered so well and simple", says David G.

"I love my Greenwood ... everything has been engineered so simple."

David G., Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Customer Profile
  • 3,000 sq ft house
  • Pawcatuck, CT USA
  • 20s °F avg. winter temp.
  • Radiant in-floor
Before Greenwood:
  • $3,000 annual home heating oil bill
After Greenwood:
  • $700 annual home heating oil bill; complete warmth
Greenwood Installation
  • In-house (basement)
  • Hooked into existing radiant in-floor heating system
  • Greenwood Model 100
Why David G. Loves His Greenwood Furnace:
  • 77% lower heating costs
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Warm, happy family