About Greenwood Clean Energy, Inc.

Founded In 2009, Greenwood Clean Energy (GCE) assembled a team of talented entrepreneurs and industry veterans to develop and distribute world-class woody-biomass fueled heating appliances for home and commercial use.

At Greenwood, we're all about clean, renewable heat. As a leader in renewable heating solutions, our systems provide homeowners and businesses the independence from the economic and environmental impact of conventional heating fuels. We have brought together world class expertise, products and partners to provide our customers and dealer partners with the tools to make a difference in their lives and their communities.

In 2010, Greenwood Clean Energy aquired the brand, certain assets and intellectual property of Greenwood Technologies. The company is marketing its products under the Greenwood brand.

In 2011, Greenwood launched the Frontier Series indoor wood boiler, a 3rd generation wood gasification system. The Frontier Series was designed and built based on the feedback from 1000's of customers and 100's of dealers. Designed with American ingenuity, the Frontier Series brings wood-fired central heating into the 21st century with revolutionary features that include the first of its kind SmokeGuard and Greenwood's patented Cross-Fire Combustion System.